Equinity Sim Game


Active Members Incentive

We've added this for your pleasure. Keep track of your EE AMI and you can recieve some rewards, depending on how many points you have.

Sending an exam in: 300 points
Passing an exam: 100
Being helpful to new members: 30
Hosting an approved event: 20
Entering an approved event: 5
Creating a new establishment: 100
Referring a new member: 10
Becoming a member mentor: 50
Passing a test: 20
Adopting an animal: 20
Each month of activity: 75
Boredom Board activities: Varies

Of course as you gain points, you will get rewards as you hand them. 
200 points: $3,000 + 2 creation credits
500 points: $5,000 + 2 creation credits
1,000 points: $10,000 + 2 created credits
5,000 points: $15,000 + 5 creation credits
To gain these awards or prices, you have to email us at equineeternity @ gmail.com (remove space) with the subject title: AMI rewards.

Everything on these pages are fictious. It has nothing to do with real life. All stables are fake, as are the associations and businesses. Pictures are copyright of their perspective owners. If you want me to remove something, contact me and I will do it asap.