Equinity Sim Game


Equinity Sim Game

Do you dream about horses? Do you want a life with horses? Do you dream about becoming a hotshot in the horseworld? Building your own barn with topnotch jumpers, hunters, racehorses or maybe even westernhorses of various breeds and colors? That is possible now, in cyberspace.

Equinity is the newest simgame on the market.  It's founded in June of 2009 and run by mature players, though members of all ages are welcome but we need you to be 14+, as that is the law.
Everyone is welcome to play, doesn't matter your nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference or religion. You love horses, this is the right place for you.
I, personally will ban and report each and everyone of you who harrass a member because of these different situations. I will not tolerate it in anyway, and I will state this in the rules as well.
Our friendly, mature staff is always ready to answer any questions the members might have.

Our members are free to choose whatever discipline and breed they like, but we ask you to find your own thing within the game (equine wise), and grow with that. Try to be as realistic as possible in your gameplay.

This is a pure equine simgame, meaning no dogs or cats or any other type of animal allowed. No fantasy animals either such as pegasus, unicorns etc. Zebras and zorses are not allowed either. Donkeys and mules are allowed. Just be sure you know how to take care of them properly.

Equinity Sim Game is NOT responsible for what its members are putting up on their webpages or on our forum, pictures are copyrighted to their owners.


Contact Us

Need to contact us in any way? Here's how you do it:

Email us at equineeternity@gmail.com

Everything on these pages are fictious. It has nothing to do with real life. All stables are fake, as are the associations and businesses. Pictures are copyright of their perspective owners. If you want me to remove something, contact me and I will do it asap.