Equinity Sim Game


General Rules

1. Treat everyone the same way you want to be treated, with respect. No harrassment of any kind. I personally will ban you and report you if you do. No profane language or pornographic events is allowed in this game. It's a mature game, but we do have members of all agegroups.

2. All members are entitled to one (1) account. More than one account will cause you to get banned.

3. Members must be 14 and up to play this game.

4. All members must have a real name, such as 'Karen' or 'Stacy' or 'Lisa'. No names such as 'crazy4you' and 'horses4ever' are allowed.

5. Any discovery of chainmails will cause the member in question getting a warning. If not better, you will get banned.

6. If you want to leave for any reason, post on the forum as well as notify an admin.

7. All members are required to login and post on the forum at least two (2) times a week. If you cant commit to the game, don't sign up.

8. Failure to login within four (4) weeks without notifying an admin will cause you getting deleted and your horses sent to Equinity Adoption Society.

9. All members must have up-to-date records on your horses.

10. All members must have a website to present your horses and records on. No posts for records on the forum.

11. Any questions at all, please ask, either on the forum in the help section, or PM (Private Message) or email an admin or a moderator and they will help you.
It doesn't matter if you think your question is silly. Ask anyway. We want you to have the best game experience possible. Our admins and moderators are there for you, to help you if its needed.

12. If you have a problem or an issue with another member of Equine Eternity, please either try to resolve it yourselves if possible (via PM and NOT on the forum), or contact an admin or moderator and they will help you.

13. No hotlinking of pictures are accepted. You must upload the picture to for example photobucket or tinypic before you post a picture on the forum, or to your website.

14.  Make sure you have the owners permission of a picture or photo before posting it.

15. Do not advertise other games on Equinity. If I catch you doing so, I will warn you once (1) and if you don't stop, I will ban you.


The age of a horse in Equinity are recorded as 'Year Of Birth' (e.g: 2009) this is so that it is easier to keep a track on the horses ages than having to go through and change them when the time comes to age the horses.

As in real life most horses rarely make it past 30 years old, So in Equinity we have decided that no horse will live past 30 years old, once your horse is 25 years old they will be entered into the 'wheel of life' randomiser. All 25+ horses are entered into the randomiser each month. Then we draw two horse ID's at random and whichever the horse ID belongs too that's the horses which will sadly decease. Horse owners will then be notified by PM of there Loss. Members are free to add there deceased horses to the 'Equinity Garden of Remembrance' or members may choose an alternative way of remembering there horses. If your horse manages to live to 30 years old your horse will automatically decease upon turning 30yo and you will be notified by PM.

Horses can be speed aged up to 5 years old as long as they have no foals, After age 5 they will follow the correct time line

1 Real Year = 1 Sim Year

All horses age on the 1st January each real year

Members are allowed to change there horses names so long as the horse has no foals.
To request a Horse name change please PM me (Lin) with the following information.
Please do a name check in the horse registry to make sure that your chosen name is not already taken.

Horse ID:
Horses Name:
New Horses Name:

There is no waiting time for your foal to be born, but your mare must not show or race for 2 weeks from the time that you breed the foal.
Horses are not allowed to breed until they are 4 years old.
A mare can only have one (1) foal a year.
A Stallion can Sire a maximum of ten (10) foals a year
Twins are not allowed.
Race horses can not be bred until after they have retired.
Horses that are 25 years and older are not allowed to be bred.
To breed a horse, post on the forum to have your foal created in the database.
Foals have to be registered, otherwise they do not exist, as with any horse in the game.

In-Hand - Weanling+
Under Saddle - 3 Years old+
Retire From showing at 20 Years Old

Racing Prospect (In-Hand) - Weanling+
Races - 2 Years old+
Retire From Racing at 12 Years Old

Once retired, race horses may be retrained to compete in showing
If you retire your racehorse early i.e: before the official retirement time, you will not be able to enter your horse in racing again

Money issues

Equinity's currency is Sim Dollars this means it is not real money. No real life currency is or will be used in Equinity. Equinity is 100% Free to play.
(Please Note: we do not require you to post any checks on the forum, but we ask you to have your finances on a file in your own computer. As of now, we do not have an automated bank.)


DATE: Year-Month-Day
TO: The person you are sending it to
FROM: Your name
AMOUNT: Amount in $
FOR: What your check has been wrote out for
SIGNED: Your 'signature'

Everything on these pages are fictious. It has nothing to do with real life. All stables are fake, as are the associations and businesses. Pictures are copyright of their perspective owners. If you want me to remove something, contact me and I will do it asap.