Equinity Sim Game


Vet exam

To pass this test, you have to have 80% of the questions correctly answered. Good Luck!

1) Name 5 plants poisonous to horses, and why they are poisonous.
2) Explain what a "Whistler" is and how to correct it.
3) What are the most important viral respiratory diseases in horses?
4) What is the Heaves?
5) Explain Colic, and its major types and symptoms
6) Explain Laminitis, its causes, complications and treatments.
7) Give the normal pulse, respiration and temperature of a horse.
8) What is a flexion test and can they all accurately predict soundness?
9) What is Cushings Disease, the symptoms, and cure?
10) What is EIA and how is it prevented?

This test is a fake and part of the simgame Equine Eternity.