Equinity Sim Game


Warmblood Exam

To pass this test, you need to have 80% correct answers. Good Luck!

1) What was the most inflential breed introduced to the Selle Francias?
2) What is Grading?
3) Where did the Holsteiner originate?
4) Name the four disciplines that Warmbloods usually participate in?
5) What is the youngest breed of warmblood?
6) Which Warmblood came from the Poland/Prusian area?
7) Name 8 Breds of warmblood?
8) How tall are most warmbloods ( between what and what)?
9) When and where was the Hanoverian stud book started?
10) Which warmblood is considered the lightest and most refined?

This test is a fake and part of the simgame Equine Eternity.