Equinity Sim Game


Joining Form

To join our game, we need you to copy these questions, and post it in a new email and send them to:

equineeternity @ gmail.com (remove the space).

1. Your name: (which you have to sign up with and use on the forum) 
2. Your email: (which you will need to sign up for the forum)
3. Your age:
4. Have you played a simgame before?
5. If yes, which ones?

6. What is the time line for Equinity?
7. What is a new member called?
8. How many horses can Quarter Horse member own?
9. When can you open an association or a business?
10. When can you open a private or boarding barn?

11. In your words, how do you think you can be an asset to Equinity?

Everything on these pages are fictious. It has nothing to do with real life. All stables are fake, as are the associations and businesses. Pictures are copyright of their perspective owners. If you want me to remove something, contact me and I will do it asap.